About Us

Hollbras started its activities in 1992, in the city of São Bernardo do Campo – SP, Brazil, acting on the sale of imported industrial filters and spare parts, working significantly with the food industry.

In 1999, it began the manufacture of these equipments in Brazilian territory, with the change to a new industrial area. The nationalization of the filters enabled a more efficient service to the market, reducing costs and delivery times, as well as improving equipment quality.

In addition, in its new facilities were incorporated: laboratory, engineering, research and development, which allowed the expansion of the field of action of Hollbras to new markets, such as chemicals, petrochemicals, water treatment, mining, etc.

Today, Hollbras offers solutions in liquid filtration, optimizing and improving industrial processes involving filtration steps. It offers its customers reduced costs and water consumption, increased operational safety, reduction of gas emissions, solid waste containment, among many other benefits.

Hollbras invites you to be part of this story.

Quality police

Aiming at customer satisfaction, Hollbras, through the engagement of its team and the continuous improvement of its Quality Management System, seeks to offer modern and reliable Filtration Systems that meet the applicable requirements.


To be reference and the best of the branch, applying high level of technology in filtration of liquids in Brazil and in Latin America.


Hollbras strives for excellence in offering modern and reliable filtration systems, with all stakeholders always following best manufacturing practices.


Act in a committed way, with ethical, sustainable and responsible actions.

To value and recognize the action of the individual to benefit society.


Hollbras has an ISO9001: 2015 certified quality management system. In its projects it follows the norms ASME and NR13. Click here.