Basket Filter

Bag Model

Basket Filters, Bag model, offered by Hollbras, are available in several versions ranging from a simpler model with a single element of filtration to more complex models with multiple elements and their combinations.

The main models are:

  • Filter Bag model HBBSP, a simple filter with inner basket, which can use the internal metal basket itself as a filter element or a filter bag of different materials and openings for retention of solids.
  • Filter Bag model HBBDL, consisting of two bags with internal baskets interconnected for parallel operation.
  • Filter Bag model HBBDX, consisting of two bags with internal baskets interconnected through valves, providing the option to work simultaneously and / or with one filter in operation and another in Stand-by, ideal for continuous filtration processes.

This line of filters is generally intended for polishing filtrations, or as guard filters. It is recommended for liquids with low solids content. Their equipment is easy operation, maintenance and low investment.

They operate, in their cleaning phase, manually. They allow the use of filtration elements made in the most diverse fabrics and openings.

Equipment manufactured according to ASME and NR13 standards.