Industrial filtration processes are crucial for the mining industry, as they help to guarantee the quality and efficiency of extraction and mineral production. Filtration is used to remove impurities and unwanted solid particles from raw minerals, increasing the purity of the end products. In addition, filtration can be used to separate different minerals and concentrate solutions, which helps to maximize the recovery of valuable materials and minimize losses.

How can Hollbras horizontal hermetic leaf filters (HBH) help in the mining industry?

Hollbras horizontal hermetic leaf filters can play a significant role in the mining industry, assisting in the solid-liquid separation process, a key stage in many aspects of mining. After the leaching process, the solution containing the ore of interest has to be filtered to remove impurities and debris.

High efficiency, the ability to filter large quantities of liquid, and low operating costs make Hollbras Horizontal Leaf filters (HBH) the ideal candidate for the mining industry.

In summary, industrial leaf filters can improve the efficiency and sustainability of mining operations while guaranteeing the quality of the end product. They are a valuable tool for the mining industry, helping with solids handling and mineral recovery.

Filtro Horizontal Hollbras

How do Hollbras HBH horizontal leaf filters work?

In HBH horizontal filters, the Filtration Leaves are positioned under a collector tube and this set is installed in a pressure vessel. The process begins by forming a pre-coat on the Filtration Leaves. This pre-coat can be made up of the solid to be retained or filter aids. After forming the pre-coat, the liquid to be filtered is pumped into the filter under pressure. During filtration, the pressure inside the filter forces the liquid through the pre-coated leaves, causing the solid particles to be retained while the filtrate flows inside the leaves, into the collecting tube, and then into a filtrate tank. The process is completed when the filter reaches its maximum solids limit. After filtration, the solids retained on the leaves can be removed using vibration (dry discharge) or washing (wet discharge).
















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What are the benefits of Hollbras horizontal leaf filters for the mining industry?

  • Efficiency and quality:

The capability of leaf filters to efficiently retain solid particles guarantees the quality of the end product and a reduction in process losses.

  • Versatility:

Leaf filters can be used with different types of filters, allowing them to be adapted to the specific needs of each application.

  • Ease of operation and maintenance:

Leaf filters are simple to operate and have low maintenance costs. In addition, filter cleaning is quick and easy, minimizing equipment downtime.


Can Hollbras filters help with environmental and sustainability issues?

The adoption of leaf filters in the mining sector can contribute to the sustainability of the production process. In addition to optimizing the consumption of resources such as water and energy, the use of leaf filters favors the recovery of by-products, which can be reused or recycled, reducing the production of waste.


Future filtration challenges in the mining sector?

The mining industry is constantly evolving, causing the sector to look for products to improve production processes and reduce environmental impact. Hollbras can help you select the filtration system and provide the filters you need to optimize your production processes. Many of the raw materials generated through mining use filtration to guarantee the quality of the end product. Hollbras offers a wide range of filters that can be used in various filtration stages.