Filtro Horizontal Hollbras


The HBH model horizontal hermetic leaves filters are robust equipment, consisting of a horizontal pressure vessel with a hydraulic opening system and control via an electrical control panel, working with metal Filtration Leaves arranged vertically and in series on the inside of the equipment. Inside the vessel, the product is pushed from outside into the filtration leaves. The impurities get trapped on the mesh surface and the filtered product is discharged through a collector tube to which the leaves are attached.

Hollbras offers this filter model in two configurations:

HBH-P: Opening is done by sliding the cover, and plate set and the pressure vessel remains static;

HBH-S: Opening is done by sliding the pressure vessel shell and the lid, and filtration leaves remain static.

Each model has its own construction features, but both allow quick and easy access to the leaves, thus facilitating the cleaning and maintenance process. The hermetic horizontal filter allows solids to be discharged by three methods:

  • Dry System: pneumatic vibration system;
  • Wet System: by washing with high-pressure nozzles;
  • Mixed System: A combination of the two systems.

These filter models are suitable for large volumes of liquids, or in applications where solids may have difficulty detaching from the leaves, thus requiring the intervention of an operator. Hollbras offers HBH filters with filtration areas ranging from 5.5 m2 to 250 m2. For your greater safety and guarantee, all Hollbras projects are manufactured in accordance with ASME and NR13 standards.

All dimensions of this equipment are available on request.