Filtro Bag


Bag filters are simple but extremely versatile and robust filters. These filters are made up of a pressure vessel, an internal metal basket to support the bag, and a filter element (bag) made from different types of fabric.

Hollbras offers this filter model in various configurations, ranging from a simpler model with a single filter element to more complex models with multiple elements and their combinations.

The main models are:

HBBSP model: Filter with a single filter element.

HBBDL model: Filtration system with two interconnected filter bags operating together.

HBBDX model: This filtration system consists of two filters interconnected by valves. This configuration offers the option of simultaneous operation or with one filter in operation and the other on standby and is recommended for continuous filtration processes

HBBMB model: This filtration system consists of a vessel with several filter elements. This configuration is capable of filtering larger volumes of liquid, allowing for more operating time before changing the filter elements.

This line of filters is generally intended for polishing filtration or as safety filters. It is recommended for liquids with low solids content. These filters are easy to operate and maintain and require little investment. They operate manually and allow the use of filter Elements made in a wide variety of fabrics and openings.

Equipment manufactured in accordance with ASME and NR13 standards.