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We make Sulphur Filtration Easier

Our Filtration Systems:

Liquid sulfur filtration facilities employ specialized filters that play a crucial role in removing impurities from the final product. These impurities can be introduced at various stages of sulfur handling or result from chemical reactions between lime and sulfuric acid.

Working in close collaboration with some of the largest sulfur producers in South America, Hollbras has designed filters and filtration leaves to enhance filtration efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

One of Hollbras' key innovations is a completely redesigned filtration leaf that increases resistance and consequently decreases operational costs. This new design is incorporated into our Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter, an equipment responsible for removing contaminants from the sulfur stream.

Additionally, we offer Candle filters for the liquid sulfur polishing stage. These filters are designed to remove the finest particles, ensuring the purity of the final product. Typically installed immediately after the primary filtration stage, Candle filters play a vital role in safeguarding the production process.

By implementing these advanced solutions, Hollbras aims to provide state-of-the-art filtration technology that optimizes performance and minimizes the costs of your sulfur processing facilities.

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